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Empowering Coaches to Unleash Human Potential, Effect Transformative Change and Ignite Greatness Within


Online Coaching Market 2032 Expected Growth at 14% CAGR - Allied Market Research


Global Coaching Industry 2023 Revenue $4.564B - ICF Global Coaching


Coaching Industry 2nd Fastest Growing $20B by 2022 6.7% Yearly Growth - PwC

Unlocking Human Potentials is your gateway to unleashing the full spectrum of human capabilities. We stand firm in our dedication to delivering unparalleled educational experiences, ensuring that each participant receives nothing short of the finest instruction available.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the charge in transformative education, empowering individuals and organizations to realize enduring success.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every professional and business has an opportunity to unlock their full potential for exponential growth.

Unlock Human Potentials Coaching Program

Embark on a transformative journey with our Unlock Human Potentials Coaching Program. Led by experienced coaches, discover the power of curiosity for personal growth. Engage in exercises and interactive sessions to ignite creativity, deepen connections, and fuel lifelong learning. Unleash your limitless potential with us.

M1: CORE COACHING - 4 Days Synchronous Learning (32 hours)

Understanding Graduation and Credentialing Requirements Distinctions: Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, Counselling, Training Clean Language, Positive Psychology, Metaphors, EQ, Scaling Technique Practising E-IDEAS Coaching Model in Dyads and Triads Reviewing ICF Core Competencies and ACC Key Skills

M2: ADVANCE COACHING - 3.5 Days Asynchronous Learning (28 hours)

Deciphering The Neuro Science of Coaching Observing 10 Coaching Demonstrations Analyse ACC Key Skills in Coaching Conversations Reflecting on Your Own Unique Coaching Style

M3: GROUP MENTORING - Synchronous Learning (10 hours)

Group Mentoring (7 hours) One-on-One Mentoring (3 hours)


Free Reciprocal Peer Coaching WhatsApp Network

Starting out in your coaching journey, you're eager to practice, yet finding clients is a challenge. To aid you, we've introduced a Peer Coaching Network—a fantastic community of aspiring and certified coaches supporting one another!

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